To do my hubby's bucket list for him      
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this includes flying a private plane at least once, seeing his son through the rest of his education, seeing ireland, setting aside something for his grandson's education, being debt free (done) and playing a twelve-string guitar (heck, i can't even play a six string!) there may be others that i haven't thought of yet.


April '09: Well, Brandon pulled out of school after $3200 without completing the program - hence, $3200 for nothing. Any future help with education will come in the form of reimbursement - after he's completed the program. I'm not mad at him, just being practical.

The trip to Ireland is in the works, and I've got the bike, working on becoming a more proficient rider. Had to defer the the private pilot's license because classes were held at hubby's old high school.

Two weeks in Scotland and Ireland in July - scattered Billy's ashes in some of the foothills of County Wicklow, at Glendalough, a 5th century Monastery founded by St Kevin, (see my flickr account under "lastlarnach" and on Roby Roy's grave. They were kindred spirits - Rob Roy was fiercely independent, even when it was illegal to be a MacGregor, and his stone reads "MacGregor Despite Them." By Bill, despite the best efforts of many of his family and some so-called friends, remained who he was despite them. Some of his trials, which I cannot relate here because they include secrets I will take with me to my grave, were, in their own way, every bit as big as those Rob Roy faced.

Had I known how deeply the view from the top of the Wallace Monument and from the Creag an Tuirc (rallying point of the Clan MacLaren since ancient times, in the Trossachs above Balquidder) would move me, I would have had some of his ashes with me and scattered him there as well. I will go back, and I will leave a little bit of him in those places again as well.

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