Do what ever I want to do whenever.      
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Now that sounds like an odd activity for an independent adult. It is kind of odd because I have had that desire as I can remember.

At age 151/2 I left home because I hated school. As I look back I was very fortunate. No belief in luck.
I grew up in a loving family. I had six brothers and a sister older then me. Wait! Two sisters younger then me. The older ones were like uncles and an aunt. Nearly all gone by the time I was in first grade.

I loved the mountains and took off at every opportunity. Like starting in the 4th or 5th grade. They gave me jacket for recess to go out in the cold winter of Penn. and I would take off. later cold and hungry but afraid of my moher.

I learned how ro read early and actually read the textbooks. No, I did not understand much. If the teacher gave a test based on the text I would sometimes do well, My parents were very disappointed and the taechers thought I had some sort of retardation.

I worked and sold berries and cleaned up garages and saved my money. As an older teen a friend of the family gave me work in their candy factory. It was all chocolate. I saved nearly all of it. I purchased a trsin ticket to Seattle. As far as I could go. I had about $400 and a train ticket.

Second Chaper coming up.

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