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I went bungee jumping when I was 18. It was in Destin, FL. I was so excited and scared all at the same time! I asked how tall the tower was and the guy told me it was 75 feet. Oh, no biggie right? WRONG! I climbed up the tower of stairs and at the top I could see the Gulf of Mexico! And it turns out that the tower was in fact 105 feet tall! It was more scary that I could see the ocean from the top of this tower that I was about to jump off of than anything else in my life! I got so psyched up before I jumped that my arms and legs went numb and I just wanted the guy who worked there to push me off the platform! He didn't - legal ramifications you know. And I jumped! I couldn't even scream because the rush was just so much and falling into what felt like the unknown was overwhelming! It was thrilling! I held onto the fluffy tube thing that was strapped to my waist for dear life. And I survived! It was thrilling and amazing and felt so daring and dangerous! I will never forget what it felt like to bungee jump and have all my friends watching me take a leap off a 105 foot tower.

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