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I'm not quite sure if this has been accomplished before or not.... "Lucid dreaming" is the concept of a state of mind you enter while sleeping, where your conscience and sub-conscience meet, allowing you to take control of your dreams. There have been instances where I have been able to think in my dream, think of something to happen next, and it happened. Now in my dream, I think, 'Did I just lucid dream?' I guess this has been accomplished, but not fully.


I believe I've accomplished this, although not to where I can fall asleep and think about what I dream, followed by dreaming it. What happened was I dreamed that I was late for the bus. It came back to pick me up, but the driver wouldn't wait on me. My cousin was somehow in my way of the bus. I was trying to get to the bus, but I froze in place or walked really slow, or something. Something was just happening that prevented me from getting on that bus. Then, I thought, "Let's just skip all this crap and let me be on the bus." And in a flash, I was on the bus. Weird, I know.

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