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I've always been interested in absorbing medieval culture. What better way to do this than visit a Renaissance fair? My brother told me about this cool dinner & tournament thing called Medieval Times that was sort of similar to the Renaissance fair, and it got me interested.


For the spring trip, our high school chorus took a trip to Toronto, Canada, where we also got to attend the Medieval Times there. We performed at a music festival earlier that day, and all the groups that performed were meeting up at Medieval Times for the Festival of Music Awards Ceremony. Once we arrived there, me and a whole bunch of my friends immediately got into character, with every medieval accent you can think of, from British to Irish to Scottish... My friend Jacob and I even threw in some nostalgic references from our RuneScape days, calling each other by our usernames and chatting about "pures" and strength levels and what-not. Once in the dining hall, we got even more into character, acting like medieval drunks, shouting for our knight to win, the red and yellow knight. We would throw insults out to the other teams, and whenever the red and yellow knight rode out onto the battlefield, I would yell, "Avenge my brethren!!" There was an adult above us who was even more into character than we were. His son's 11th birthday was that day, and he said, "He's 11! 'Tis the age to go to war!" then he proceeded to raise his glass. Our waiter, Michael, was great. He made the best chicken I have ever had. He claimed it was a dragon he had slain. Haha. Even though our red and yellow knight didn't take home the gold, Medieval Times is a must-see for Renaissance lovers, and we left with full bellies, happy hearts, and hoarse voices.

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