Bungee Jump      
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Do you want to jump? Imagine being so high, the people and cars look like ants. Imagine jumping from that height?! Scary, isn't it.
That is something that needs willpower. Jumping on your own, not being pushed, and falling ....
Feel the adrenaline ... feel as though you are going to die. How scary!


How scary! I DID IT!!!!
This was the most scariest thing I ever did!
It took everything to jump, and then the rope stretched! I went up higher than expected!
It felt as though my foot was coming loose! Was this it? Am I going to die??!! It felt like my leg was slipping out of the noose!!! No!!!!! I am screaming the loudest I ever did!
Eventually I started spinning, the world was upside down. Everything was out of bounds! How awesome! I was going lower ... lower ... lower ....
I'm on the ground! My whole body is shaking! The adrenaline is pumping! I DID IT! I DID IT! AWESOME!!
It will take a very long time before I'll have the guts to even attempt it again...phew!

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